The Alces Flight Launch Service

Cloud HPC environments on-demand.

Getting HPC users into the cloud in minutes.

Have you ever wanted to test cloud HPC concepts but want to bypass the set-up hassle? Then we have a solution: The Alces Flight Launch service is designed to get users up and running, quickly and efficiently, with a public cloud HPC environment in 15 minutes or less.* Rapidly delivering a ready-to-go HPC cluster, complete with job scheduler and applications, the Alces Flight Launch service is your place to test ideas, train users, and develop new concepts. Simply select the HPC cluster you want to evaluate, enter your Flight Launch token, cluster name, and an email address for notifications and you are ready to go.

Clusters are deployed in a private networked environment for security, and provide SSH terminal access and graphical desktop capabilities for users. Data management tools for POSIX and object storage are also included to help users transfer files and manage storage resources.

Our free service is available to anyone who wishes to apply for tokens, no public cloud account required. Want to give it a try?

* Depending on size of HPC cluster selected to run within the Flight Launch service. Average timings indicate a 5-10 minute launch with Standard and Performance Clusters, and a 5-15 minute launch with GPU Clusters.

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Already got a token? Then go launch your HPC cluster environment!


How does the Alces Flight Launch Service Work?

Step One:
Find Your Cluster

Take a look at our HPC cluster environment specifications and see which one suits your workload.

Step Two:
Request Your Token

Click the link below to put in your request for a token. It will arrive in an email with instructions to help you get started.

Step Three:
Launch Your Cluster!

  1. Select your cluster.
  2. Enter your Flight Launch token.
  3. Give your cluster a name.
  4. Enter your email address for cluster launch notifications.
  5. Start working!

Option to create a Flight Launch Management account.

Want to break your cluster time down into periods that suit your workflow best? You can create an account for Alces Flight Launch where you can store tokens, check on your usage, and launch HPC environments as needed.

Login or set-up an account

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Need some help?

View our comprehensive documentation on how to use an Alces Flight Launch HPC environment.

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