Welcome to Alces Flight Launch!

This service has been developed to quickly launch a preconfigured High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster.

What is Alces Flight Launch?

The Alces Flight Launch service rapidly delivers a whole HPC cluster, ready to go, complete with job scheduler and applications.

Simply select the HPC cluster you want to evaluate, enter your Flight Launch token, cluster name, and an email address for notifications and you are ready to go!

Clusters are deployed in a Virtual Private Cluster (VPC) environment for security, with SSH and graphical-desktop connectivity for users. Data management tools for POSIX and S3 object storage are also included to help users transfer files and manage storage resources.

Already got your token? Great -- get going in 3 easy steps:

  1. Select the cluster specification you want to try.
  2. Enter your trial token code and email address and optionally give your cluster a name.
  3. Launch!

Want to take a test Flight? Apply for your cluster trial token now!

How to use Alces Flight Launch.

Use a Flight Launch token to take an Alces Flight Compute cluster for a spin — no cloud account required!

How to use a Flight Launch Token

Through one of the Alces Flight Crew or via our trusted partner network you should have a received a Flight Launch token consisting of three unrelated words (e.g. “flower – star – moose”). Don’t have one yet? Let us know and we’ll start the process of securing you a Flight Launch token.

Once you’ve secured a token simply search through the available preconfigured clusters. When you’ve decided the HPC cluster you wish to trial enter the token, the name you’d like to give your cluster, and the email address you want to receive status updates to.

Then, simply press launch! You are now moments away from HPC cluster access.

Using your preconfigured HPC cluster

Once you are notified that your HPC cluster is active you can use the pre-determined time as you see fit. Work with the applications that come pre-installed or try your hand at installing and running applications from the Alces Gridware open source application library.

While we’ll send you emails to let you know when your HPC cluster has been launched, remember this is a trial service and is time limited. Please remember to save any work you perform while using your Flight Launch cluster!

Getting more information.

Want to spend some time reading up on Alces Flight Compute prior to starting your evaluation?

We have a documentation site dedicated to the cause as well as a Community Support Portal available for you to join in and read through.

Enjoy your flight!